Health & Social Programs

Since its formation, Tegloma has been involved with health and social programs. The organization has provided medicines, medical equipment and supplies to clinics, health centers and hospitals throughout Sierra Leone to help with the treatment of diseases and for prevention as well. The organization has also been passionate about preventing early marriages and teenage pregnancy in Sierra Leone through family planning and education support to young girls.

During the hike of the civil war in Sierra Leone, we helped fleeing Sierra Leonean refugees with clean drinking water wells and pit latrines in refugee camps in Guinea. This helped to minimize or stop communicable and water-borne diseases from affecting an-already suffering population. 

50+ Scholarships Each Year

Through its Scholarship Committee, Tegloma has made it a moral responsibility of its members to make contributions to the scholarship fund. Members' voluntary contributions into the scholarship fund has made it possible for Tegloma to award 50 scholarships to students in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions throughout Sierra Leone. The scholarship awards are given to students based on their academic excellence and need.



Over the years, our services have impacted women, children and students across Sierra Leone. Our passion to continue to positively impact lives is unwavering.

During the Ebola Crisis

During the Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone, our organization, being the largest and best organized Sierra Leonean organization in the diaspora, was the first to come to the aid of government and healthcare workers by providing containers of medical equipment and supplies including Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) to help contain the deadly virus from the country.

After the Mudslide in Freetown

On August 14, 2017 when the deadly mudslide incident occurred in the Regent area of Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone that killed almost 1,000 people, Tegloma again was there to help survivals and families of victims of the disaster. Our organization helped with household utensils, blankets and other needed items. These items were donated by members just when the incident occurred. 

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